Play MP3-file from URL in Shortcuts


I like to play a MP3-file in Shortcuts stored on a server so what I have is not the file but the URL to the file.
The shortcut should be called from a HomePod.

Here is what I have tried already:

1. Pass the URL to the play sound action

Playback starts but after a while Siri starts talking like
„There is somthing going wrong!“ and stuff.
I guess this is because due to the playback the action is taking longer than an action should take.

2. Pass the URL to Safari

When I execute the shortcut talking to HomePod then Siri tells me I need to continue the action on my iPhone. So I need to grab my iPhone and confirm the action there. This is not an automation!

3. Call VLC using an x-callback-url that contains the url to the MP3

Same problem as with item 2. I guess this is because the action opens an app with visible user Interface.

Any ideas anybody?

Here is a sample URL:

Thanks a lot!



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You can play mp3 file url in shortcut by

  1. Create new shortcut and add action: get content of url
  2. Add action Play Sound and select variable content of “get content url”
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