Play meditations on HomePod without iOS device

I like playing meditations to go to sleep.

But I’m trying to break my evening phone addiction, and am wondering if there are any creative solutions for writing a custom Headspace Shortcut (or another app with similar sleep casts or wind down mediations) so I can trigger it from my HomePod without my phone.

I can AirPlay from my phone to the HomePod, but if I wake up and can’t sleep I don’t want to open my phone.

Inside the Headspace app you can add pre-determined Siri shortcuts, I’ve done that and added a set playback destination to my bedroom HomePod. BUT it has to be started from my phone. If I trigger it on my HomePod, it says “start on companion device” or something like that. I guess it wouldn’t be the worst to just use “hey siri” on my phone, but that involves going to another room to find my phone.

  • Calm has more options in Shortcuts, but this support article says they just do AirPlay so same problem.
  • It looks from this that an app could build in HomePod support, but that’s up to developers.
  • I wear my Apple Watch for sleep tracking, but Headspace doesn’t provide full meditations there. And all the audio apps only seem to be able to connect to Bluetooth, not HomePods. Seems like an oversight to have two Apple devices that can’t connect, though I do understand AirPlay is its own beast.

Any other apps that might have native HomePod support? Or am I stuck asking the HomePod to play the built in rain sounds and remembering to meditate on my own :joy:

I’m surprised headspace doesn’t have a better way to do that given how popular it is. Maybe you could write them to make it happen.

As for a solution, don’t have Apple Music? You might be able to try some of the meditation playlists like this guided meditation one: ‎Guided Meditation - Playlist - Apple Music

This would work on HomePod without needing to do anything on watch or phone. Just have to speak to HomePod of course