Play a random video

I would like to play a random (short) video on my iPad. So far I have put the videos in Photos, in an album, then in Shortcuts I have a Find All Photos where Album is (that album), Sort by Random, Limit/Get 1 item. The next action is Documents/Show Photos in QuickLook. This works, but the video on an iPad is really small. I tried the Preview action in Toolbox Pro but that action only accepts images.

Try a simpler shortcut…

If you run the shortcut open inside of Shortcuts, the output is returned, and has a view full screen option; crudely circled in green above. Tap that, then tap play.

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“Getting Random Item from Photos” is a nice alternative to “Find All Photos, Sort by Random, Limit 1”. However the purpose of my shortcut is to play a short video for my elementary school age daughter to review math or whatever (kind of like a quickie flash card), so my goal is to have it run seamlessly before she gets to play a video game on her iPad, for example (ha ha). I can kind of make it work, even with the Quick Look action, by saving the videos in a larger format.

Either way you do it, it should have the same result… you can add specific album filters to the action@sylumer posted.

If you want full screen, just pass the item to Quick Look and turn on the Full Screen switch. I notice that the video takes a few seconds to load in Quick Look.

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