Plane Journey First Project For Scriptable

I’m going on a long plane ride this weekend and hope to experiment with Scriptable, trying to write something substantial for the first time. (I’ve briefly played with previous betas and am bang up to date with the latest beta.)

I’m sporting both an original 12.9” iPad Pro and an iPhone 7+ - with Scriptable beta on both.

As I’ll not have network coverage I’m wondering what would be a good first serious project. I see the sample scripts - and those were my first playing with Scriptable a few weeks ago on another plane journey.

(I have an O’Reilly Javascript book on this iPad in GoodNotes so stretching my (already not bad) knowledge of javascript should not be a problem.)


It’s always a good start to look at what problems you have in your everyday life that could be solved with automation.

Do you spend a lot of time in your calendar? Then there’s probably something Scriptabke can automate.

Do you have a lot of contacts? Maybe Scriptable can help you geooup them.

As a more concrete example, I’ve been thinking of making a script that helps me find a time and day that both myself and one or more of my colleagues are available for a meeting. The script would prompt me to choose one or more of my coworkers calendars and find an available time slot.

Of course, the problem might not be as simple since there could be traveling time involved on both sides of a meeting. It may be that the script should suggest multiple time slots.

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Good advice, and how I tend to work. I think playing with the UI stuff more is a good “foundation” project. Perhaps with automating some Drafts actions. (I’ll need to get more of the Drafts docs on my iPad, particularly the URL-based automation bits.)