Picking a playlist in Overcast

I’m trying to build a short cut that allows me to pick a playlist in Overcast from a menu and then start playing the top episode in that list. Any ideas how to get this Shortcut started?

Because of the limitations in Overcasts’ integration with SS, I would say this is going to be more of a manual setup. You could preload a list of podcasts/playlists/queue what have you into a menu, and based on the selection in the menu, play that show.

Could you not just skip the menu and assign a shortcut to each of your playlists in Overcast itself?

If you do need to create a menu, add each of the entries available in the Siri Shortcuts you want to us under the app’s settings in the settings app.

Then build your Shortcuts custom shortcut something like this.

Now by default this will pick up where you last left off rather than necessarily the first in the list. If this wouldn’t work for you, then you may wish to experiment with Overcast’s previous podcast Siri shortcut to see if you can make a tactical jump up through your playlist.

Hope that helps.

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This is perfect!!! I was trying to write an IF statement. I had no idea I could link the playlist under the menu prompt.