Pick Apple TV then use it in Shortcuts

I’m trying to write a generic Apple TV shortcut to use on multiple TVs. I know it’s possible to select the Apple TV with each action (Wake, open app, Show Remote), but what I’d like to do is pick the Apple TV from a list and then have that applied to all the actions. I tried creating a list, selecting, and then using that Magic Variable as the TV…but I get the error: Conversion Error: Wake Apple TV failed because Shortcuts couldn’t convert from Text to Apple TV.

I’ve tried all the variations to convert (Article, Boolean, Contact, etc.) thinking maybe one of them would be the right one. But after exhaustively testing all of them…none work.

Does anybody have any insight on how I can get this to work?

I have a shortcut that turns on the TV. The first action is Wake <TV> and the options for <tv> are each of the three Apple TVs, and “Ask Each Time”. Or, I can say “Open app on TV”, play pause TV. sleep TV, etc.

You have to either set the specific tv for each action, or you hav Keto pick the TV for each action, AFAICT.