Physical automation button triggers?

I have a few NFC tags around my flat that are configured to do a simple web request to log data (timestamps mostly) to an online database when I scan them with my phone. This works but it’s a bit of a hassle because I don’t always have my phone with me when I’m at my home so I was thinking, why do I even need a phone for this since I’m not sending any data?

I have a Hue bridge (the non-Bluetooth ones), Apple TV HomeKit hub, and an always on Raspberry Pi. Are there any “buttons” that will integrate with this setup easily that I could set up to run a curl command on the Raspberry Pi when pressed? Preferably they would be cheap as I’d want to get like 20+ of them.

There are flic buttons that are designed to do things like this, but I wouldn’t necessarily flag them as cheap.

You can have a HomeKit button run an automation, but the automations are more limited than shortcuts automations. You can have it run a script over SSH, for example, but you can’t have it take any actions requiring an iOS app.

Pushcut Automation Server a possibility?

Yikes. You can buy 15 of them, but it works out to about $30/each.

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You used to be able to buy Amazon Dash buttons and reprogram them.

Some time ago I bookmarked this thread on Reddit:

I’ve not tried any of them yet, but would like to!

I do have a few Logitech Pop buttons running around, but they’re not very cheap and you have to buy a bridge with them to get them up and running.

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It looks like it was almost a year ago (tempus fugit) that they stopped being available to purchase. I guess that might make them hard to get in bulk.

And even if you could get them I wouldn’t recommend it - once the Amazon app drops support for connecting them to the WiFi you’ll be very stuck. But as a starting point for searches it might not be a bad place :slight_smile:

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It’s a shame StreamDeck isn’t WiFi or bluetooth.

The reason I say that is it seems to me the high price is because of how much electronics needs to be packed into a button for it to be standalone. Amortise (much of) that over several buttons and the price per button could go way down per button.

A WiFi StreamDeck in every room would be a fine thing.

Oh my… yeah. That would be amazing.

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You might be to able to pull it off using a Streamdeck hooked up to a Raspberry Pi Zero.

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What? One per room? :slight_smile:

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