Photo on Apple Watch

Is there a shortcut I can run on the Apple Watch that will display a specific photo on the watch? The Find Photo action will not work on the watch so I wondered if there was another way.

The only way I can think of is creating a watchface with the photo and then use the change watchface action, crude…but still something

I found a solution. Use DataJar to store the photo. The photo can be selected from the photo library directly in DataJar. Then use Datajar’s Get Value action to retrieve the photo and the Show Result action to display the photo. It works perfectly on the Watch.

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Nice one! I think I will steal that one :wink:

The only problem I found with this is that it does not work if you execute the shortcut from the watch using Siri. Apparently the show result of the value has Siri say photo rather than displaying anything. I don’t know if there is another action which will get Siri to display the image. It works fine if you execute the short shortcut using the Shortcuts app on the watch

Siri works if you use the Quicklook action as opposed to the Show Result action.