Phantom Pushcut notification after deletion

Has anyone experienced this bizarre issue?

  1. Create a Pushcut notification triggered by a beacon
  2. Delete the Pushcut notification
  3. Beacon still triggers the deleted Pushcut notification

I have searched in pushcut’s Notification, Shortcuts, Local Triggers and Automation Server settings for an active copy of the pushcut notification that I thought I had deleted. Nada.

oh boy, that does not sound great… almost certainly my fault somehow.

I did fix a race-condition issue in this general area several weeks ago, but I am not sure if that can explain what you describe here…

depending on how many local triggers you have set up, the fastest way to clear stuck notifications out would be to delete the app and install it again from the app store. all your data will be preserved (make sure you have iCloud sync turned on) - but your local triggers will be wiped out.

let me know if that is an option for you, or if we should explore other paths.

I am curious if this is happening to others too though.

Thanks for the response.

I followed your recommendation to delete the app and install again. I was tempted to do so before posting, but I was fearful all of my notifications would have to be rebuilt. As you wrote, iCloud Sync took care of most of that.

So far, no more phantom notification!

Glad the glitch is gone. Any thoughts as to why the notification, and all of it’s normal behaviors, persisted after deletion?

do you mean why the “zombie notification” survived even though the trigger was deleted in the app, or why Pushcut keeps most data when reinstalling?