Perspectives on Eve water sensor and Eve Ecosystem?

Summary: I’m looking at the Eve Water Sensor and considering investing in their ecosystem. I’m interested in people’s experience and perspectives.

Details: I’ve got a geothermal heat exchanger and associated hot water tank in the crawl space under the house. That tank started leaking (which is in the process of getting fixed). In looking at different water sensors, the Eve looks like the best to me. I do have power in the crawl space, and this is something that plugs in, so that will work. The ability to monitor a larger region with the sensor and extension cables also looks interesting. It is Bluetooth, by the looks, so I may well need their Eve Extend to get what I want (I don’t have anything in likely BT range to use as a HomeKit hub). Looking around, I’m interested in maybe getting off of WeMo (because the WeMo bridge is unreliable) and move more into the Eve ecosystem.

What perspectives and experience do people have with this company’s products?



I’ve found Eve items to be tricky. The ones in my kitchen are fine because there’s a HomePod mini nearby. I am using 2 smart sockets to try and monitor the energy usage from my washing machine and tumble dryer. I have 2 Aqara flood sensors which work really well, they are battery powered, but the battery should last a long time.

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Thanks, Rosemary. My sense is that the Aqara sensors are also BTLE, so need something close by. Does that match your experience?

(And thanks for all of your wonderful contributions to the world around us. You are a gem.)

FWIW, I have the Eve Water Sensor in my laundry room and have not had any problems with coverage. That said, I do have eero setup at home, so there “shouldn’t” be too many ‘dead spots’.

Fortunately, I haven’t had to test the water sensor’s abilities yet. That’s the trick with some of these ‘disaster warning’ devices — until there’s a ‘disaster’ of some sort, you don’t know how well it works.

(See also the fire extinguishers that I recently purchased and hope I never get to use.)

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Aqara uses Zigbee so it needs a hub. But their other sensors are also incredibly cheap making it a worthwhile system to buy into in my opinion. Zigbee has a much longer range.

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