Persistent Notification

I am currently using a hacky means of showing a persistent notification on screen (bottom left) via a sticky to show what SPACE I am on.

I’d ideally like to find a better solution and also have another notofication bottom right to show the status of my focus.

I have most of the usual suspects of automation tools (Alfred, KM, BTT, Drafts, Hazel etc) and wondered if anybody else did this and what tools they used?



There are applications that can show the current space in the menu bar.

Spaceman shows all spaces and highlights the current space. It defaults to showing numbers and can also assign a three character label to a space.

WhichSpace simply shows the number of the current space.

I do not know if either will meet you need for indicating the space. I used to use Spaceman and recently switched to WhichSpace to save on menu bar real estate.

There is a thread on the forum to automate getting the focus mode. You might then be able to put the focus mode into the text string that One Thing would show in the menu bar.

Again, I don’t know if having this info in the menu bar would meet your needs.

Good luck and have fun!

Thanks @MevetS,

yes I am using WhichSpace which is OK, but I would ideally like something that has a description of the Space. I have used with a KM macro that uses Which Space in switching spaces very elegantly, and I am going to kick around a script that can associate a name to that, but really the crux of the problem is getting notifications out of the menu bar.

Thanks for your suggestions

This is an idea for identifying spaces which may or may not work for you.

Each space can have a different desktop background. You could make a set of images, one for each space, with the name of the space at the bottom left.

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That’s a great idea Steve, but most of the time I have windows open in each space and my desktop never sees the light of day!

I am trying the webview aspect of Better Touch Tool which looks promising

I did not know that BTT Webview was a thing.

Looks cool and something I’ll definitely be playing with.

Good luck with your experiments!