Peanuts™ widget

A request from someone named Kevin. Sharing to everyone.

While you’re there, please also checkout my Import-Script utility.


great script

thanks for sharing.

do you see a simple way to increase the size of the comic script.

I know that scrolling might be not optimal but reading of the text is hard with the width of a standard iPhone.

one quick idea would be to open the image on tapping the strip

Not simple but not difficult either. It will just require saving the data variable onto a file everytime the script runs. Then, when you tap from the homescreen, load the stored file and display the image from there.

I found this widget, while searching for a similar one which shows daily Dilbert.
No idea if a Dilbert version exists.

However I have also a problem with reading the comic. I’ve two ideas on this:

  1. Split comic in the middle and shift the right half below the left half. Using a big sized widget, it should work.
  2. Split comic into 4 single pics. Then you need 4 widgets - one for each pic. If you put these 4 widgets in one smart stack you can easily go through the comic.
    -> Do they always have 4 pics in the peanut-comics?

I’m not familiar with the api of scriptable. It might be easy/easier, if graph-library is available. It will be definitely hard to do without.