Pausing an OmniFocus Tag with Keyboard Maestro?

I’d like to pause certain tags, and then unpause them at certain times and on certain days. I was wondering if there was a way to do this with AppleScript or another better way instead of doing a bunch of “find image” clicking with KM.

Anyone have any advice? Thank you!

I’m late to respond to this, but coincidentally I have been playing around with something that sounds very similar to what you’re trying to do; I’ve written it up here:


What does “pausing a tag” mean/do?

I take this to mean marking an OmniFocus tag as ‘on hold’, but I’m sure @joshautomator will correct me if my interpretation is wrong. :slight_smile:

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Yes @Kaitlin, you’re correct. @Martin_Packer It’s a super niche need, but for me, it’d be super handy. For example, I’d like to not get location notifications when driving by a store or place that I have available tasks for if said store or location is closed or otherwise unavailable. Or even for making phone calls to places that have certain hours or something.

Thank you for sharing! I’ll check it out!