Paste text into app input field?

Hi everyone,

…still discovering shortcuts and I really like and appreciate them so far. Something about the clipboard bugs me though.

I like to work with canned replies. So I have a dictionary with my replies, choose from menu and then choose where I would like to communicate - for example LinkedIn or Whatsapp… Everything works great, except the last step, so I always have to paste the clipboard content manually into the selected text field.

Is there any way to complete the automation?

Thanks in advance for any hints…:slightly_smiling_face:

Not unless you are pushing something out from Shortcuts direct to a web service - e.g. Posting to Twitter.

The sandboxing approach stops apps from controlling or interfering with one another as a secuirty measure.

Maybe for simpler ones you could make use of the inbuilt text replacement to type a few characters and have them replaced by your desired input? That should work across all nom-password fields.

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Thanks a lot. I wasn’t quite sure if it was a constraint on the system side, or on my capabilities…:wink:

If it’s not me I can totally live with manual pasting.

Actually I am using the native expansion between mac os and ios. Sometimes it’s nice to see a list though due to probably too many abbreviations…

Thanks again.