Passing text from Nebo to Notes

I’m trying to get the text from Nebo (handwriting to text application) to There is an export button in Nebo that seems to export the text natively to Notes but I would like for Shortcuts to name and date it as well. I’m unable to find a way to get the text that’s exported from Nebo to show up. Any help would be appreciated.

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Is this what you are seeking?

I think I have something similar built. The only problem is I can’t get Nebo to export the text to Shortcuts. If I do an export and paste to another app, it works fine.

@Mac_Dad I changed your Shortcut settings to enable “Show in Share Sheet” with Accepted Type of Text.

After doing that, when I choose “Share as text” from Nebo and then choose your shortcut from the Shortcuts sharesheet, the recognized text correctly is saved in Apple Notes.

Similarly, when I use the original Shortcut posted above and choose “Export as PDF” from Nebo, the recognized text is saved in Apple Notes.

It’s not clear from your Shortcut how you are initiating. Have you tried through the Nebo sharesheet as described here?