Pass text to iOS shortcut example

Would someone be willing to share a simple example on how to send text to an iOS shortcut from Pushcut and have the shortcut display the text? I am brand new to all of this and the help docs while helpful don’t seem to help me.

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One way is to send it via the share menu that pops up when you highlight text.

After tapping on the “Share…” button, you’ll see your text capable shortcuts listed.

In shortcuts you go to that little menu with the sliders icon and pick Show in Share sheet.

The action you get will allow multiples types of things to be shared, so can click “Any” to pick.

Then do whatever you want with that text.

Thank you for the detailed information. How do I send the text via Pushcut to the shortcut?

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I’m looking at making a workflow that involves multiple parts. The first part will be something that parses a text attachment in a gmail (coming from Rocketbook OCR) and calls the web hook with the contents of that attachment. The Pushcut action will be to put that input variable into a new Apple Note. This would only be one note per day, but I’m sure I will come up with other uses for it. I am assuming I need Pushcut Pro to take that input= webhook variable.

What is the max size of the input variable that I can use in a Notification? A typical note could be 1k characters.