Parse drafts (or text file) for email address and send text file

Building on David’s Meeting Mode(episode 30) I have created a short cut that creates my meeting notes document in Drafts 5. The Attendees contain the email address eg FirstName Surname (

I am looking for a way to send the draft document to all email address in the document from either a drafts or shortcuts automation.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks I’m Advance


If you know JavaScript, then you could do everything in Drafts. On the assumption you don’t, stick with Shortcuts.

If your draft’s only e-mail addresses are ones you want to send to, the get e-mail addresses from input could be used to pick them out from the draft content when you share it to your shortcut. Then you just put that in the appropriate e-mail field and have your draft content as the body.

If there could be other e-mail addresses then you would need to include some delimiters and just check the text in that delimited section for e-mail addresses. Shortcuts has a number of ways to split and match text, so you have options on how to do this that you can choose based on your draft’s structure.

Hope that helps.


I was actually a really simple shortcut when I got my head around it.

I now have a shortcut that I can share to that splits the input text, so I have the subject (first line of input text) and gets the email address’ from the content and gets it all ready to send.


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Can you share it???

I hate reinventing the wheel :grin: