Own Brewed Text Expander

Fellow Automators

I was hoping someone could maybe point me in a direction with regard to building my own text expander using, Automator, Applescripts and maybe more.

I was wondering how difficult it would be to put together a script that could run as an Automator service listening to a combination of text being entered and then triggering when for example; [shift] KR gets entered to then autocomplete text “Kind Regards”?

If someone knows of a good resource, I would appreciate it.

Kind Regards


It won’t quite be the same as I doubt there’s provision for low level keyboard hooks in Automator without a lot of extra stuff to pile into it.

This posting should give you a starting point.

Don’t forget MacOS has its own text expansion built it for basic boilerplate stuff. No need for Automator to do that stuff. Why redesign what’s built-in?

Obviously there are a number of dedicated apps out there which do a great job too and will potentially offer more than a script/Automator based solution alone.

I have a question that is somewhat related. Is there a software/script editor that acts as a text expander/predictive text for AppleScript? Letting you know if a command works or not? Similar to Notepad++ for windows HTML development?


Code completion is a different type of thing to text expansion as with code completion, you don’t always know what the outcome looks like, but text expansion, you do. Also it is probably best to post as a new topic for something specific as the original post was also quite specific; and therefore on a different topic.

However, you probably want to look at Script Debugger by Late Night Software. In my opinion, it is the de facto option for AppleScript development.