Overcast episode share sheet shortcut that redirects me to the full podcast episode list

Hey everyone,

Overcast is still missing a way to get from one episode‘s info page (for example when accessed from a smart playlist) to the details page of the whole podcast, where all episodes of that podcast are listed.

I was hoping to make use of a shortcut that accepts the shared URL via overcasting share sheet from one episode.

I thought that it should be possible to extract the podcast name or a link. And then open a overcast:// link, but I failed at filtering the HTML to justvgrab the title.
What’s the easiest way to grab content of a Website? Is something jQuery-like possible, where I specify an HTML-element ans its class and grab its child?

Or I s there another way that I‘m just missing?

Thanks a lot

If you call Get Contents of Web Page on a URL, something you can access (easiest via magic variable) is the Name. You could then regex match the title part.


The regex is (?<=— ).*(?=.* — Overcast).
If you want the episode name it would be .*(?=— .* — Overcast).

Here’s a link to my sample too.

In general, a JavaScript call of document.title will return the title of the webpage it’s called on.

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:ok_hand:thanks a lot!
Just getting the name into text was a missing step.
I tried to just apply regex directly to “load contents from URL” action, which failed due to a type-mismatch.

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