Outlook URL Scheme for OmniFocus on macOS?

I can forward Outlook emails to OmniFocus without any problems, but I’d like an URL scheme, so I can click on a link in OmniFocus that takes me back to that email in Outlook (since I will have to take action on it). Today I have to search for the email, which is a pain.

When googling this issue, it seems there’s a solution for Windows. Has anyone resolved this in macOS? Any thoughts on how to resolve it?

Hi - For a few years I’ve been using the solution at this link to get Outlook message links in OF:

Unfortunately, this is not working any longer on Mojave, but if you’re running an earlier version of macOS you should be able to get this to work for you.

Edit: I just tried this in my Mojave install and it’s working! Not sure what was going on (I just updated my system to Mojave two days ago).

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