Outlook 2016 for Mac shortcut help

I’m trying to automate some things using Keyboard Maestro when using Outlook for Mac 2016.
There seems to be no shortcut to be able to navigate me to a specific folder in Outlook for Mac.
Any ideas on how to get my cursor to the last email I sent? I need to get by curser into the Sent box regardless of where I am in Outlook. I plan on pressing a keyboard combination to start my Keyboard Maestro macro and then want for my cursor to go to the last email that was sent.

I’d like to stay away from having to record a macro that will simply note where my mouse is as that might prove unreliable.

Thanks in advance!

You could have Keyboard Maestro run an AppleScript. Outlook’s AppleScript dictionary is cryptic (to me), but I did manage to create this very basic script, which opens the Sent folder of my only Exchange account reliably when run from Script Editor. (Posting AppleScript code to this forum is also beyond my ability, so you may need to clean this up after copying and pasting it.)

tell application “Microsoft Outlook”


if view of the first main window is not equal to “mail view” then

set view of the first main window to mail view

end if

set selected folder to mail folder “Sent Items” of first exchange account

end tell


Wow that’s great! Thank you! I’ll give that a try