Outline (Drafts?) to Keynote Slides

Hey there! I am loving this show and this hobby!

I have a long-standing issue that I would love to automate. I write a lot of technical talks/presentations. I would love a way to automatically create a basic slide deck in Keynote from an outline. I don’t really care where the outline lives – maybe Drafts, but could be OmniFocus, Ulysses, Bear, whatever.

I’m not sure what tool to use, but I assume some scripting would be involved to loop through the outline items. But basically all I need is for it to create a slide for each line of the outline with the text. Doesn’t even have to be styled or anything.

Any ideas?


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This might be a good start.


Even if you were not using the same app, it gives you a structure to start from with another app.

Or this: