Out of curiosity, does Shortcuts really save us time?

I get a Shortcut to work. And then next time I run it and it’s broken. So I troubleshoot it. Then next time I run it, it’s broken. Every time I run a Shortcut I spend more time fixing it then just doing the task. Can you guys really depend on this app?

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I wouldn’t depend on it, no. It does do some things on my Mac quite nicely. When it chains 10 different things together and it’s all fairly basic file manipulation but just automated, it can be pretty good. I use it because it will probably be the future, but it’s not software that I get excited about. Keyboard maestro on the other hand…


10 different things. Lol. The Powers that be can only allow me to have maybe 1 or 2 things in an automation. But that will work one day and not the other. And here we go, back to Reddit and message boards, back to waiting for replies, trying to figure it out, not getting any replies, trying to figure it out again. And then ultimately finding something else broke in Apple software and then it goes again, over and over. But for me when things go wrong it’s inexplicable. But I already know I’m singled out, so to be fair no matter what it would be there would always be something wrong. Everyone take care and enjoy it!

Depends. I find it very helpful for tedious, common tasks (cascading windows, scanning receipts, live photo to GIF, automations based on location…). I wouldn’t bother with moving targets like user-hostile web services (common example: “this YouTube downloader shortcut is broken again!”).

That’s exactly the point. I would like to use it for “tedious, common tasks”, but every third or fourth time I run it is broken. So then it’s an hour trying to figure it out. An our searching online and Reddit. A half hour coming here, and then writing a post, the waiting days for 2 replies that don’t help with issue. I guarantee you if I was David Sparks or CGP Greg these thing would work every time. But even if their’s breaks, they can just take the hours to fix it, or just get a quick response from Viticchi or any one of the other experts they know, and I’m sure Apple makes sure they are back up and running quickly. But here I am losing hours of productivity just cause I want to enter a Doctor’s appointment and put it in my calendar and a couple other things. But then somehow I’ll get it fixed and the next Shortcut is broken and here we go again.