Other alternatives to Show Text and Quick Look?

Hello, when I share my shortcut with others, I want them to read through some information on how the shortcut works. I need to show Step 1’s text, and ideally they click a Next button and I show them Step 2’s text, Next button, and so forth and so on.

In the attached image I’m using the Show Text action and it’s not bad, but I dislike the “Done” button that’s fixed to the action. Any way to change that text or is there another action altogether that i can use that’s better suited for this? The Quick Look action has the same problem. The final button there is Done too.

For anyone else wondering, I answered this question in r/Shorrcuts too:

You can use the Show Alert action. This action allows you to disable the cancel button


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When you have the editor of the shortcut opened, add Text to thw shortcut and write your message. Then click i in the middle at the bottom, then setup, then select the text action.

I think you are describing setting up an import question, but that is for capturing one off configuration, not sequentially displaying a set of instructions or an explanation.

Did you consider displaying the information in a single Quick Look where you could format it as a web page and let the user scroll down a page with each step as a headed section?

The user has the advantage that they can refer back to prior steps, you get tomake more use of the screen estate, the user can swipe a larger target area to control the scroll, etc.