Options for creating dialogs and/or windows

Is anyone aware of a way to create a visually appealing feedback for an action?

I have an Alfred workflow that pulls some data from a CSV file and I want to be able to present it back to the user in some sort of visually appealing fashion.

Dialogs and notifications are jut plain text (AFAIK) and I was looking at the KM HTML dialog action but it doesn’t look as if you can access external elements in it (again AFAIK).

It is all text and I just want to give it a bit of formatting, put a background on it and add an image.

In my Alfred workflows, if I need formatted output, I put HTML into a file then display it. I use this approach for things like diagnostic reports and access to prebuilt sets of information (cheat sheets). Sometimes I display it in a browser. Other times in a pop up window either via a quick view in debug mode, or via an included/embedded Automator workflow.

It is funny that you mention it as I am in the midst of doing that very thing. :slight_smile: I have an HTML template that I am going to use and then replace the placeholders.

Been trying to get sed and awk to work on doing the replacements.