Opening a specific mailbox with shortcuts

Hello all!

I would really like to create a shortcuts to open a specific mailbox on my iOS/iPadOS devices. I have two emails addresses, one gmail, one Strato IMAP (German hosting company). They each have the folders/mailboxes “Inbox”, “CC”, and “Notifications”).

The built in Mail app will only allow me to go to the VIP Mailbox. I could’t find any url schemes to work with apple mail either.

Is there a way around this? Are there other apps that will allow this?
Thanks in advance for any pointers!

You can open a message in a particular mailbox with this shortcut of mine:

Open Mailbox via Message-ID

Read the instructions in the shortcut on how to get the Message-ID. Once you run it, you’ll just have to swipe right or tap the back button to be in the desired mailbox.

Found out that you can drag and drop an email from Mail to Shortcuts on iPadOS. The text transferred is the Message ID, already URL encoded. Grab the updated shortcut which handles this case.


Where is the drop target for this Adam? The Shortcuts app itself?

Yes, a text action. Send the text to my shortcut and you will see what happens.

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Thanks Adam! Will try that out :slight_smile: