Open URL in Another Browser

This shortcut allows you to open URLs in a non-default browser, regardless of your system’s default web browser.

Share a URL with the shortcut, select the browser to use from the menu, and the URL will be opened in it.

You can choose between ten browsers (including Safari):

  • Customize the browser menu by editing the filter to include just the browsers you want.
  • Delete all the browsers but one from the filter and the shortcut will automatically use that browser, without the menu.
  • Open multiple URLs either through the share sheet (as text) or by manually entering them (separated by spaces).
  • If available, the URLs in your clipboard will be set as the default for the manual input.
  • You can use URLs without “http://” or “https://”.

Thanks to u/SphericalQ for the window.close() idea!

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Updated to v1.1: Added the Orion and Vivaldi browsers. Also, icons have been improved.