Open source Zapier ⚡️

Just wanted to share a project I just discovered and which look promising. I am doing it, hoping that some will be interested to use and collaborate. This is an open source zapier.



How’s it compare? I’ll look myself when I get the opportunity, but I’d also be curious about firsthand reports from experience.

And does it require hosting somewhere? Or is it self hosting in some way?

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It looks really early, missing lot of integration but this is a good middle solution between Nodered and zapier.

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As far I know you will have to host it. I host it on my NAS using their docker image. BUT according to this page:, they plan to do an hosted version.

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Hi, I am the creator of n8n. Saw this forum as a referral so had a look.

Yes, what @clempat wrote is 100% right. Currently, it has to be self-hosted but I hope to get the hosted version up and running asap. Happy to answer any questions.


As Docker is on Mac and Pi (and now on z/OS) that sounds like an easy prerequisite to meet.

(I probably should port this container to z/OS and Linux on Z; That would shock a lot of people.) :slight_smile:

Is the source freely available?

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Very sorry, somehow did not get a notification about the new posts here. Now just saw it because I checked myself.

The source can be found on GitHub (thanks @sylumer for posting it). n8n is licensed under Apache 2.0 with Commons Clause. Information about that can be found here: