Open PDF in PDFPen from Preview

Hi Everyone.
My default application for viewing pdfs from either file or mail attachment is Preview. This is fine for the majority of cases, however sometimes I would like to edit with PDFpen.

What I would like to do is open the pdf in the active Preview window in PDFpen. Is anyone able to help me create a KM Macro or an AppleScript to be able to do this?

Many Thanks

Hi @hjkgray, I solved that for me via the Print (⌘ + P) dialog and then create PDF there.
On this website you can download and install the print command for PDFpenPro

Then create a shortcut for the service (red arrow) under System Preferences - Control Panel:

Here is my macro and a short gif for the Keyboard Maestro action:

Unfortunately I cannot set the macro here. If you send me a direct message (@appleianer) in the KM Forum, I can send it to you.

Since I use a german macOS, some KM actions (select menu item) are in german. If there are any questions, I will gladly explain them in English.

Danke @alexxander. That was extremely well explained. I am very grateful. I notice that you also appear to use trackpad to activate KM palettes. That is a very good idea. I will look into that.

Yes @hjkgray I only use trackpad and mouse gestures to control Keyboard Maestro, because I ran out of shortcuts at some point and there was constant overlapping.

For creating the gestures I use BetterTouchTool in combination with the Keyboard Maestro macro AppleScript. So I don’t need any shortcuts anymore.
It would also be possible to control gestures in Keyboard Maestro itself. Unfortunately this does not work very reliably. BetterTouchTool also offers much more possibilities for creating a gesture control.

In this video:

I once explained this for someone in the KM forum. For calling macro groups (also palettes), I once made this video (only in german):

If you are interested, please contact me.

Please excuse my English. Sorry, it’s not my language. Therefore I use the DeepL online translator.

Many thanks @alexxander. I have now also created a gesture to call up various palettes.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterweisung.

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