Open HTTP:// (not HTTPS) link in Chrome on iPad

Hi all!

Need a strange advice guys. I have a working command like this: googlechromes://

But Chrome uses by default the secure protocol HTTPS and my NAS web page can’t open because of it. It does use simple HTTP.

Is there some way to urge the command open link like “http://***”?

Have you thought of just triggering your default browser with http://, and if Chrome is essential for some reason for your NAS (I think the underlying web view is the same for Chrome and Safari on iPadOS), setting your default browser to be Chrome?

Just that is the problem)) Chrome is set as default, but in shortcut I can’t set protocol - the web page only…

If it is the default browser, why are you using a scheme that isn’t http://to try launching the HTTP connection?

I just got home had a quick go on my iPad for accessing my router (similarly accepts HTTP only :confused:), and googlechrome:// is registered to open URLs with HTTP in the Chrome browser, whereas googlechromes://, which is what you have above, is registered to open URLs with HTTPS. So, if you really need to force Chrome rather than using the default web browser and an http:// link, try removing the “s” from the schema you stated in your first post.

Your are genius, thank! Gonna try :grinning:

UPDATE: It does work!