Open all urls on open webpage

Is it possible to open all urls on a page

You could parse the HTML for a page and open them, but pages can have a lot of links. You can also build a Shortcut very simply to open all URLs on a web page given its URL; but would that be of use to you?

Perhaps you could provide a bit more insight into what you are doing, and perhaps why Scriptable is the tool of choice here? Are there other things you are doing with it to identify the page for example?

I’m trying to open all the records on a page on I need them all marked as “read” and opening each one is the only way.
I can’t use shortcuts to parse as can’t figure out how to log in to Ancestry within shortcuts.
I can however use it to run javascript against the page.
Yes there’s extra links but I’m OK with this. Just need every link opened in new tabs and I’ll then close them all manually