Open a new window instead of activate KM Macro

Does anyone know how to get the “Activate Application” action in KM to always open a new window instead of just activating one if it already exists?

Some applications can only have one window. Do you want to do this for some specific application? If so triggering some AppleScript might be an option to consider.

So using AppleScript worked for some. Unfortunately the electron apps I have don’t support AppleScript so it won’t work there.

Okay, so many electron apps have command line parameters. Check the documentation for each of the apps on your list for a viable option that could address your need.

Anything left over on your list, you might have to get creative around using keyboard shortcuts and menu actions, or otherwise cut your losses.

Electron apps are great for being cross platform, but from what I’ve seen are very rarely developed to be great native citizens on any platform;.

But many native apps fall short on similar counts, so maybe that’s not as much of a discriminating factor as I kind of feel it might be.