Online database for item check in and out

Hi, hive mind!

So I work with a fairly large Scout group here in the UK, and with this comes a lot of things. Like tents and tables!

These things are used in lots of places by a lot of people, so I need a way to keep track of them all.

I am trying to find the best way to make a check in and out system so I can see who has what and when they have it. As well as a damage report on the check-in, so that I can easly see what has been damaged and what I need to spend time fixing.

Thoughts on where to start such a project.


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One word. Airtable. Solid and reliable.

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My OSM access seems to have gone right now so I can’t check, but does the quarter master functionally have anything that can help with check in check out? I know it can definitely track and note equipment quality and need for repair.

If not Airtable would absolutely be a great choice.

Online spreadsheets, such as Google sheets or even Excel via Office365, can also be an option.

Q) who is doing the logging? You, or people independently accessing the stores equipment?

OSM is fantastic, but doesn’t have a check in or out system.

The checking in and out will be done by me! Everyone else uses OSMs quartermasters DB to request the items and I pull them and check them out.