On iOS14 Shortcuts are delayed and then execute all at the same time

I’m using a shortcut by @ryanjamurphy to save web pages in DEVONThink. It works a treat, but since I’m on iOS 14 calling shortcuts from the share sheet has become a nightmare:

  • I’ll open a page in safari ( or the Drafts web viewer)
  • got to the share sheet and call « DEVONShare »
  • nothing happens
  • I press the button à few times
  • nothing happens
  • I give up, do something else, and all of a sudden the shortcut is called in rapid succession (I know because I have a notification step at the beginning to tell me when it’s active) I can’t even respond to the prompt before it’s called again.
  • if I have called another shortcut, this gets called a s well as it seems to go down a stack of « blocked » calls.

Has anyone seen this. It’s gotten to the point where shortcuts are unusable to me.

Ahoy! Thanks for using this shortcut. :bowing_man:

According to some other discussions I’ve had, this is a result of changes in iOS 14 that wreck heavy-handed URL scheme use.

I’ve already built a solution, but it requires the beta for/next release of DEVONthink To Go.

Until then I don’t think there’s a way of fixing it, but I’d be glad to see another Automator figure it out.

Links to the relevant shortcuts can be found here, by the way: https://axle.design/devonsave-a-shortcut-to-help-you-clip-websites-to-devonthink-to-go-quickly-and-cleanly

Edit: the good news is that the new Shortcut works better than this version, in my opinion!

Hoooo shiny! Thanks.
Now I need to try and get on the DT beta…

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@ryanjamurphy, do we have a timing for the DTTG new version? I’ve seen zero mention of a beta anywhere - and this piece of my workflow is cruelly missing …

I don’t think DT advertises their betas, but you can ask to join by DMing Eric on the DT forum.

As for timelines: DT is famous for not announcing when anything will happen, so don’t look too hard, ha.

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