OmniFocus review date - JavaScript

Is it possible somehow to change the review date of OmniFocus’ projects by JavaScript on iOS? I usually do it by Apple Script but would be much more convenient to do it from iPhone

It is! The Project object in the OmniFocus Omni Automation API has a nextReviewDate property that can be set.

If you could provide some more information about what you want to do exactly (when do you want the review date to be, or do you want to be prompted, for example) I can throw something together pretty quickly if you like.

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I’d like to be able thru scriptable to set for example all of the projects set for be reviewed on a weekly basis to have the ‘next review date’ set to next Saturday… is that really possible?? :slightly_smiling_face: thanks!!

Ah, I don’t believe there is (currently) any way to check the review frequency of a project, sadly. You could do it for selected projects, or all projects, or potentially projects matching some other criteria, though?

I’m not sure if you could run it through Scriptable–I haven’t played with Scriptable at all. You can run an Omni Automation script from a URL, though, so assuming Scriptable can do that then you could.

However, it’s also possible to run a script directly in OmniFocus which might be preferable anyway?

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