OmniFocus keeps stealing Reminders!

I have somewhat bifurcated my task management system. Omnifocus is used for large projects with many individual tasks or lots of information in tasks. Reminders is for one-off to-do items. I also like using OmniFocus’s integration with Reminders to use Siri to get items into my OmniFocus inbox. This last piece, however, isn’t working as expected. I FORMERLY used the “Misc” Reminder list as the list that sends to the OF inbox, but I want to use that for Misc tasks in Reminders, so I created a separate “OmniFocus” list in Reminders and linked that to OF.

The problem is that OF continues to sync any reminder added to the “Misc” list, in addition to the new OmniFocus list, effectively stealing Reminders that I don’t want it to have. I have changed the setting in OF a on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so I can’t figure out how to make OF forget the Misc list. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I’m guessing another of your devices is set to import this reminder list. I’d recommend only having one device import the list - and disable the feature on others!

I checked all devices, and I couldn’t find that (I only have OF installed on a single Mac, a single iPhone, and a single iPad). In the end, I just deleted the list that kept getting synced and created a new list. Deleting the old list seems to have fixed the problem. In the future, however, it does make sense to only have one such device sync with Reminders. Thanks.