OmniFocus inbox "rule" to copy to a specific project

So I’m unfortunately dealing with an insurance claim against my homeowners due to a leak in our kitchen. As a result several emails will come in from folks that I’d want to respond to sooner than later. I know how to get iCloud to forward an email to my OmniFocus inbox, but I’m lost from there. It just sits in the inbox. I’d like it to go to a specific project with a title like Insurance Claim which then is watched on a widget on my phone, or somehow alerts me that a new item came in and I should read it now rather than later! I do have an old mac mini I leave on so maybe something with that, but I also have the rule on the mail server (not the Mail client on Mac) so it shouldn’t matter so much about that part. Is there an Omni Automation plugin I have yet to find (scoured what is on their site already) that someone has that will move a task from the Inbox based on the content (person or title of an email) etc? Why OmniFocus? So I can check off that I did the thing (got in touch, sent the needed info, etc). Thanks in advance!

Ok, I figured this out in a much simpler way. I forgot about iOS Shortcut automations! I can wait for an email from a specific user and then tell OF to add it to a specific project bypassing the inbox completely and nullifying the need for the Mail rules up on iCloud! I could probably do more with this, but this is a great start. Thanks for being a sounding board anyway!


Ok, so I lied. It doesn’t work. It just gives me a blank task with the project filled out but doesn’t pull in the email itself. I tried playing with the magic variables to no avail. So back to using mail rules for now and watching the OF inbox.

Is there any way to amend the email you forward to OF?

You could use @joebuhlig’s parse omnifocus inbox script (applescript or javascript version) to process the inbox item.

Joe explains it here:

All you would need to do is add some attributes to the email, to enable parsing your inbox with the desired result

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Are you saying the “Inbound Email” trigger doesn’t surface the email body?

(I actually want to play with this - as my work email shows up in iPad OS .)

Worse than that, with the Shortcut automation, it would create an entry in my inbox with the project name correctly set but no other content on the task,not even a note! I tried playing around with the input so it had email selected and still nothing as in no content of the email.

So, no title? That’s pretty fundamental.

My OmniFocus setup only requires the project to be specified - in order to move the task out of the Inbox. That would make this workable for me, just - if there were a title.

So, in support of this, I just experimented with email as a Personal Automation trigger. I have to say I’m not impressed…

… I defined an email trigger that just pops up a notification with the email title and the email content in…

… Or rather that’s what I thought I did. Turns out when I email myself two disappointments:

  1. If I pull down in to refresh I get a notification that the automation would like to run. Otherwise I don’t.
  2. This simple automation won’t run - and a minute or so later I get a message that there was an error in the automation. I’d obviously like to debug this but I saw no diagnostic information.

This on iPad OS 14.4.1 .

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