Omnifocus AppleScript Note Link formatting

Good day,

I’m building some Applescripts to automate adding action items with tags to the corresponding projects. I’ve got the scripts working, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to format the link to text. I just want to set the link to a message for example to “Email” or a Ulysses link to say “Ulysses Note”. I basically want to do the same thing the clipper does when clipping an Email and it says “Original Message” instead of the actual URI.

Any ideas?

I’m not sure if there were any changes from this with OF3, and I can’t test it just now, but the tell note of_task section in the script shown in this thread shows the basis for setting the text and URL.

Hope that helps.

Just needed to add an index of the URL and it works like a charm, TY

If you have known working code, it might be useful to share a sample here so that if others come looking on this thread, they can reference it.

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