OmniAutomation to add tag to inbox items

I’m wondering if I could get some help understanding how to build out an omni automation. A little background: I group tags and have different tags depending on the task (e.g., ‘task: email’, ‘task: plan’, ‘task: design’).

What I’m wanting to accomplish:

  • I add any item to my inbox and include a key word (e.g., ‘design pamphlet’, ‘plan event’ etc.)
  • Omni automation looks at each item and applies any appropriate tags based on the wording of the task (e.g. apply ‘task: design’ tag to an item called ‘design pamphlet’)

I’m sure it’s possible but I’m struggling to implement it. Anyone have something built out like this? Didn’t see anything in the omni-automation plugins section of Thanks for the help!