Old values from Data Jar?

I am having a strange issue with a shortcut involving data jar, and I suspect it is my not using Data Jar correctly.

In Data Jar I created a key called carParked which accepts a text value.

I have a shortcut which saves a two-line text variable to that value. In data jar, I see the text is split between Index 1 and Index 2. (Fine by me)

I have another shortcut that reads and displays the value of carParked. And 80% of the time, it works fine.

But 20% of the time, it shows me a double. It displays the last 2 variables I saved to data jar. The most recent variable I saved, as well as the variable I saved before that (which is showing up first), and they are still split by indexes.

Strangely, if I open Data Jar, I only see the more recent value, and if I run the shortcut again, after opening Data Jar, the problem seems to have corrected itself.

Is there a cache or something else that shortcuts might be pulling from? I’m also wondering if I’m saving the data into Data Jar incorrectly in the first place. (Should I be saving each line of text as a different key?)

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!