Obtaining the Link to a Folder or File

I am sorry if this is a trivial question.

I have automated an email to come to me with a Google sheets link and an iCloud link to a folder that I use on a regular basis together.

The Google link works fine but I can’t seem to generate a link for the folder that works.

Can anyone help me on this? I have tried looking online for the answer but can’t seem to find anything that works.

Thanks, Brian

On a Mac, I right click on the folder in Google Drive and choose Share, then Copy Link. (On mobile, so going by memory here.)

Thanks - have done that. It is the iCloud folder I am struggling with.

Whoops! Sorry about that.

I vaguely remember hearing that iCloud didn’t (yet?) have shared folders, but maybe that’s changed.

Edit: That’s changed — see next post, from the indomitable @sylumer

Apple have a KBA with instructions…

This is the Mac information:

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Another good options is Hook.

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Thanks David. I have tried Hook and really like it. Great recommendation.

@BrianOxley, if you are just looking to create a file/folder link for your own use (not to establish a share), and if you already have Keyboard Maestro, then I highly recommend Copy as Markdown Link by @ComplexPoint. It’s available on the Keyboard Maestro forum. It can create links to files and folders and many other items. I use this macro many times a day.

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Thank you very much for this idea.

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@BrianOxley, as @MacSparky mentioned, Hook is worth considering. I noticed that it did come up within the Copy as Markdown Link macro thread.

I’ve adopted the approach of using Keyboard Maestro when I can because of its versatility, amazing support, and incredible resources on the forum.

Thanks for responding to me. I have downloaded Hook and am really enjoying using it. It has given me some other ideas for things to link to. :slight_smile:

Do you need a link to the folder, or a path to a folder?

If you’re on a Mac, you can Option-Right Click on any file or folder and “Copy as Path”. This will copy a folder path like
/Users/tikiJimmy/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~is~workflow~my~workflows/Documents

(this is the link to Shortcuts on my iCloud drive, because Apple apparently renamed Workflow to “iCloud is workflow my workflows” when they bought Shortcuts ¯\(ツ)/¯)

A file path will look like
/Users/tikiJimmy/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~is~workflow~my~workflows/Documents/2019Q1-Q2RemindersArchive.csv

You can then prepend file:// to this path name to make it a link. I don’t think these will work on iOS, though. You may need to do some manipulation to the first bit of the file path to jump to the folder in Files.

If you need a URL and not a file path, @sylumer’s answer is the way to go.

Thanks very much. I’m using the app Hook now and that seems to be working. I’m using a shortcut also to open the folder on iOS. Thank you very much for responding to me. :slight_smile: