NYC Subway Train Reminder - a widget powered by Scriptable

This is a widget inspired by

For detailed info see: Scriptable-Widget-MTA-Subway-Train-Reminder

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Since it is my first Scriptable Script, please feel free to report any bug and post suggestions! :blush:

Great work! I didn’t realize such a site existed. Have you ever noticed any discrepancies from the train’s direct website?

Usually, I believe all NYC Subway APIs are originated from MTA’s official API. Developers are just using it to handle again to get what they want such as formats or functions. So for the data accuracy, there should be no obvious difference. The only possible difference is some server delay~

Yeah I would imagine that is the case too their data has to come from somewhere :slight_smile:

2023-10-04 Update

  • Fix the UI in the Extra Large Size Widget
  • Support Both Chinese and English

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Looks stunning!
How do you cope with the fact that widgets are updated unregularly and less frequent than a NY Sub?

Maybe showing the time of last update could help?

Let’s zoom in and you will find the footnote is the last update time in relative style.

Also put the lastest version screenshot here.

For more details please refer to the GitHub link above.

Hi, I have seen this but I have no clue how you can get the relative gap between real time and last update time since widget is not updated in real time? Or is there some „real time stamp“ variable updated more frequently?

Actually, there is a usable method for this.
Check the Document here
WidgetDate - Scriptable Docs

I guess I could not make myself clear. If you want to show the time between real time (as your wrist watch shows) and the last update of your widget, you suffer from the fact that the widget is only update once in a while. Otherwise your seconds should increase with each second passed, right?

Or do I miss something?

You haven’t tried it at least once so far, have you?

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Hi Hao-
First I thought the applyRelativeStyle is a general JS method to format dates.

Since you insisted I checked it out and - tata works!

Thanks for pointing me at it.

Edits: Learning curve