Numbers Sheet Automation Failures

Hello Fellow Automators!

Is there a known issue with populating an Apple Numbers spreadsheet that makes it unreliable? My shortcut sends attendee information to a spreadsheet but it sometimes fails and I don’t know why. By fail, I mean sometimes a new row of information isn’t created. Because its inconsistent, I’ve added an Evernote Append note so that I capture the same info. Evernote NOTE isn’t in my preferred table/spreadsheet structure, but its better than nothing and seems reliable.

Anyone know if I’m maxing out memory of my iPad? Is the Numbers unreliable when receiving automation? Something else? I’ll include a generic version of the Shortcut in case it helps with troubleshooting. Thanks in advance!

Golf Event Registration

This has been a problem for a little while. The way I found around it is to Open the Numbers sheet, Wait for 6 seconds and then do the Add. A 1 second wait was working, but that start failing too, so I have extended it.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the speedy reply! That did it! After 10 tries, It seems to be working. As with all shortcuts, now that this one is resolved, I’ve already started thinking about how to add more functionality. :wink:

Much appreciate it.

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See other discussion here, too.

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The time delay seems to be dependent on the iPhone of iPad model you’re using. 6 seconds seems to be the minimum. On my 11ProMax some of my Numbers sheets require 10 seconds. Oddly, that’s a much smaller spreadsheet, so the size of the numbers sheet doesn’t seem to be as important as the device.

I don’t know what it is dependent upon, but I don’t think it is the phone model as I am also on an 11 Pro Max and also a 1 or 2 second delay was working for the same spreadsheet that now needs a 6 second delay. It appears that the Shortcut is running faster than the spreadsheet can load.