Numberry - tiny iOS app to build custom widgets


My name is Vlad and I made Numberry for iOS. Nice to meet you folks!

As of now, it’s a tiny app that allows you to keep numbers that are important at hand, no matter if it’s your bank account balance, temperature or rain probability in your city, number of visitors on your personal website or literally anything else from a webpage or API. With iOS 14 you can have all of them right on your home screen.

You can use pre-made widgets from gallery or create custom widgets that fetch any HTTP request and then filter the content using JSONPath, CSS Selector or RegEx to extract the exact value you need.

I plan on adding multiple layouts, extra style customizations and, most importantly, JavaScript in the upcoming minor versions. However, my goal was set in the very beginning and it won’t be changing - I want custom and useful widgets to be available for as many people as possible, without requiring them to have extensive programming knowledge.

Check it out on the App Store

Downloads and positive reviews will make me absolutely happy, constructive criticism and suggestions on making the app better will make me even happier :slight_smile:

Hit me up on Twitter, I’m giving away promo codes for a free month of Numberry Pro.
If you have a great idea, still hit me up on Twitter or mail to It will be my pleasure to award for most creative and useful ideas with a promo code for a free year of Numberry Pro.