Notifications to house mates


I’m looking at using pushcut to get around the personal shortcut automations location based ‘ask to run’ issue on the original short cuts app.

I know push cut will solve this issue. However I have a question. I am basically wanting Push cut to run a short cut I have when ‘EVERYONE’’ connected to my Apple home has left the house. this shortcut then checks all the window sensors and if one is left open sends a notification to our phones.

I have this shortcut working but I can only link it to a personal automation in the shortcuts app and that wont trigger automatically over location based triggers as apple have stopped it from auto running. Pushcut would solve this, but my question is does my whole house hold need push cut installed and a pro subscriptions for them to get the alerts?

And can pushcut trigger an automation when the last person leaves the house?? and not just me?

Seems all the functions you are wanting to have may be possible with HomeKit and Make paired together without the need for PushCut to be setup. PushCut should work for it as well though.

You should be able to setup the home automation for when the last person leaves and have it check the sensors then send the notification with PushCut. Everyone will need to have the PushCut app though. Similar case for Make, each person would be needing the Make app to get notification from their service.

Make might have other options for modules in a scenario to send a group text though. Basically when the check mentioned above is made and a sensor is open, it would send the text out from Make instead of a notification.

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