Notification when Freezer temperature is above certain temperature - monitor every 5 min

Recently installed temperature sensor in the fridge and can read the value in Homekit. Looking for a way to send notification to myself and another person if the temperature of the Freezer becomes more than 15deg. If I make a shortcut to perform this action, then is there a way to run this shortcut every 5 min within Shortcuts app so it monitors the freezer temp throughout the day? Thanks.

If you have a Mac on 24x7, you can schedule anything to run using launchd or another scheduler.

On an iPhone or iPad, you would need to use the automation option and set up 288 triggers or perhaps have a dedicated device and have it do something like run a Pushcut server and constantly push a next check.

Investing in Home Assistant would be worth contemplating.

Consider having a state you reset (e.g. via Data Jar) such that if there is an issue, you only get one notification u til you reset. This would avoid notification overload.

Utilising systems such as Pushover can also help with emergency notifications as you can tailor their delivery sound and priority.

Hope that helpsm