Notes with Shortcuts!

3 Step Challenge for Beginners

  1. Create a Shortcut that
    a. Asks the user for text (new note)
    b. Takes the input and writes it to a text file in your favorite cloud service with the date and time as the title

  2. Following the previous step
    a. Present the user with a list of notes titles/names from the same directory
    b. When selected, present the user with the note’s contents

  3. Following the previous step
    a. Ask the user what to do with the note (Close, Edit, Delete, etc.)
    b. Based on the user’s selection either close the note, or delete the note
    c2. In your favorite way, present the user with editing capabilities

Feel free to post your questions/complications here and either I or, I’m sure someone will chime in and help you out!

Good luck! And, have fun!