Notable change/limit info in 2020.3 Toolbox Pro Release

Spotted this in the Toolbox Pro release notes today. Something to be aware of if you used the removed actions - as luck would have it I created one just for creating a nice rich text listing of the TP actions/tools by category just last night :rofl:

Assuming Apple don’t boost the limit in the near future, @mralexhay, do you have any nascent plans to consolidate actions, split to multiple apps, or take another approach to work around the limit you encountered?


Hi @sylumer, I’m so sorry to hear that! I thought that action would be most redundant since I’ve just introduced the browse by categories feature. I’ll be bringing it back soon, I’m sure.

As for the limit - the Shortcuts team are aware of it and are looking into it so I have my fingers crossed it will be lifted at some point.

There’s definitely some consolidation I can do with existing tools but it’s not a great long-term solution with what I have planned.

As you point out - splitting to multiple apps is a possible solution. Could be free vs premium but that doesn’t give me much headroom. Perhaps by broad category but that adds a bit of a nightmare for my paying customers.

In short, I’m not sure yet and I hope Apple raises the limit!

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No need to rush to reintroduce that action on my account. I was just using it to quickly explore the available actions and categories. I can find any info I need in the main app that covers this.

Hopefully you have a good channel so you can consider it appropriately in line with the team’s time lines. After all, we’ve seen things move slowly before (introduction of copy & paste or giving the iPad a real variation in OS), and sometimes not at all (LaunchCuts & folders for example).

Cross-app licensing I’m sure is painful, but maybe software bundles could be an option if time lines don’t look optimistic?