Node.js implementations on iOS

There used to be a node.js app on iOS but it hasn’t been updated for 64 bit and so won’t run.

As it could be quite a handy “local host” automation platform I wonder if anyone is aware of another one?

Otherwise I’ll just have to run it on my Pi - but the usual “iOS can’t see the Pi in a hotel room” :slight_smile: :frowning: problem might defeat that. Yes, I would carry the Pi with me on trips if this were simple.

I realise the cert has expired for this site, but it suggests Source might fulfill your needs.

Unfortunately he didn’t ship the 1.1 release - when he said node.js support would arrive.

Pardon the self-promotion, but I recently released a little JavaScript playground for iOS, powered by Node.js.

The standard Node modules are available plus a few custom modules to integrate with the system - I plan to add more in the coming releases.

The app is called Rescript, and it’s free to download.


Not a problem at all. You have my money; Use it wisely. :slight_smile:

In particular I hope you’re diligent in updating for Node releases, and adding modules.

I particularly liked your download image.js.

I don’t see it in the documentation: can I start scripts using URL schemes?

(to launch them from Launch Center Pro)

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And a second question, about this:

The “Rescript Plus” page mentions: “Rescript Plus is an optional single purchase (…)”, while the Console gives this output when running “download image.js”: “Error: UI module is only available to Plus subscribers.

Is Plus a single purchase, or a recurring subscription?

Oh very cool, I’ll check it out, thx!

Not yet, but that’s something I’m working on.

Thanks for pointing that out - the console message is wrong: Rescript Plus is a single purchase.

Is there any module in particular you’d like to see added to the app?

Not yet. Mostly I’m just wishing you success with this.

I’m not an expert on Node.js but intend to get quite a long way up the learning curve.

Rescript looks very interesting. How does it compare to Scriptable?

Rescript is Node.js with some “bridge to iOS” extensions. Scriptable isn’t.

I’m writing a blog post right now on my thoughts on Rescript. When I get onto iOS 12 and try Scriptable I’ll probably write one on it as well.

Here’s the blog post - at last:

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Having not actually used the app, how possible is it to use for writing real, production grade software, lots of the iOS environments are fine as playgrounds, but if I ever want to move off my mac to a pure mobile experience it needs to be powerful and extendable.

Thank you for your various posts re: Rescript - I bought the premium (‘plus’) version and I’m happy with it to test a few things on my iPad while traveling. However, I couldn’t find a way to install (npm like?) and require() third party modules… tried to play with the /private/…Shared…/ folder on iPad with no luck.
Any clue? thanks for your time - Thierry

I think you have to ask the developer. :frowning:

Thx - did that already - in the meantime, I’m adding some sources files manually in the local folder…

@mttvll Any update on Rescript?