NFC Tags on iOS

How do you program a nfc tag to go to a URL with an iOS device?

I saw this article: Is this the best approach since iOS can’t write tags?

I had a quick look at a few Bluetooth card readers(/writers), but the manuals only had examples of reading NFC, so I’m not sure that even with external hardware that it is currently possible to write NFC tags … thought that sounds kind of odd.

For a desktop OS,such as the Mac, you once again need an external hardware device.

Many Android devices have NFC built in, so that would be a big plus intheir favour as they can write NFC tags.

If you have an NFC reader already, then a desktop OS is probably your best bet. If you don’t, then a cheaper option might actually be a cheap second hand NFC capable Android handset.

At the endof the day though, this probably comes down to what “best” means for you in looking for a solution. Portability, re-use of existing hardware/cost, ease of use, …

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